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I just posted several thank you letters in my written testimonials section.  One of the most moving testimonials is from a young girl that I did a corrective rhinoplasty that not only helped her look better but so that she could also breathe again.  Her father wrote a very moving letter too.  I posted them […]

New Fillers Coming Out Soon: Evolence, Voluma, Restylane SQ

New fillers are coming out in the coming months to year. At this time with early reports about Evolence, I am not thrilled to use it. I listened to a lecture last year in St. Louis about the product. It is made in Israel and it is from pig collagen. The physician reported that it […]

Botox Competitors Coming Soon!: Reloxin, Purtox, Xeomin

For all of you out there, I am at SFO in San Fran stuck because of this M80 airline fiasco and will squeak in for clinic hours in the wee hours on Alaska Airlines through Seattle!  Just finished attending and lecturing at the Rejuvenation of the Aging Face course in SF and wanted to let […]

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