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Dr. Sam Lam’s Grandfather’s Legacy: Founding of Hong Kong Baptist University

Dr. Sam Lam’s grandfather, Dr. Lam Chi-Fung, was a generous man who gave tirelessly to all who knew him. He founded Hong Kong Baptist University and Hong Kong Baptist Hospital along with richly endowing Pui Ching Middle School.

Dr. Sam Lam Offers His Staff Thanks This Holiday Season!

Dr. Samuel Lam offers his staff at LFP thanks for their great service this year:

Dr. Sam Lam Wishes Emina (Yoda) a Happy Birthday!

Dr. Samuel Lam (aka Luke Laminator) would like to wish Yoda, Emina, his hair transplant coordinator a very special birthday wish!

Fat Grafting Testimonial: Fixing Bad Plastic Surgery

Using fat transfer/fat grafting, Dr. Sam Lam, corrected bad browlifting, midfacelifting, facelifting, and cheek implants that made the person look unnatural, older, and more masculine. 1.5 years following a single fat grafting session into the hands and face, this woman looks more youthful, less tired, more natural, and more feminine.

African-American Lip Reduction Testimonial

African-American Lip Reduction Testimonial This very kind African-American woman who underwent a lip reduction about 7 months ago started to cry and express how much her life has changed since her lip reduction.  She then presented me with the following testimonial regarding her experience and results with us: “I was born with a very large […]

Fat Grafting Testimonial December 2009

Fat Grafting Testimonial “I cannot express how much I enjoyed the facility, Dallas, and the whole experience. Thank you soooooo much!!! Excellent job from all.”

Fat Grafting Safety: Considering Weight Fluctuations

Fat grafting, fat transfer as Dr. Samuel Lam discusses must be a safe procedure. Dr. Lam talks about his considerations for safe fat transfer based on the concept of weight fluctuations following a fat grafting procedure in this video:

Rethinking Revision & Ethnic Rhinoplasty: Tent Pole Metaphor

Revision rhinoplasty and ethnic rhinoplasty may be better conceived by virtue of Dr. Sam Lam’s thinking of a tent pole metaphor, as exemplified in this video:

Facial Fat Grafting Lecture in Plano, Texas by Dr. Sam Lam

Dr. Sam Lam lectures for Essential Energy in Plano, Texas on facial fat grafting also known as fat transfer, the most natural way to rejuvenate the aging face. Watch his video on fat transfer here below:

Plastic Surgery Staff and Dr. Lam Lam Testimonial

Sorry, despite a ton of testimonials with , I have not posted them here, but here I will start again: “The staff is exceptionally friendly and courteous. I was well taken care of; Dr. Lam is exceptional. I would recommend this facility to a friend or family member.”

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