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Managing Lip Lines

Managing smoker’s lines around the mouth is a hard thing to do. Dr. Lam offers a brand new perspective on how to manage these annoying lines that can be helpful in achieving long-term success:

African-American Lip Reduction Diary

This African-American patient shows her recovery the week following a lip reduction surgery with Dr. Sam Lam. Here is her video:

Botox and Teenagers (National Radio Broadcast) Interview with Kim Iverson in Austin, Texas

Dr. Lam was featured on national radio with Kim Iverson discussing his feelings about Botox and teenagers. Here is a rebroadcast of that show with Dr. Lam’s interview:

Your Face Like a Bed: Understanding Fat Transfer, Fillers, & Botox

Dr. Lam talks about your face like a bed to understand how fat transfer, fillers, and Botox will help the face for facial rejuvenation.

My Mom’s 3 Year Anniversary After Fat Transfer

Dr. Lam’s mom is now 3 years after Fat Transfer and is nearing 71 years of age.  Here is her video testimonial:

Fat Transfer Testimonial

Dr. Lam’s patient, Amber, who is 1.5 years following a fat transfer and upper blepharoplasty talks about her experience and her results.

Botox Jaw Reduction Article in New York Times

Here is the article that appeared in the New York Times on August 12, 2010, on Teenagers using Botox focusing on Botox Jaw Reduction in which I was featured.

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