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Fat Grafting Master’s Seminar in Las Vegas 2011

I gave this Master’s Seminar on Fat Grafting in Las Vegas on June 22, 2011, at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2011 conference.

Fillers versus Fat: Shifting Sand Concept

Fillers Versus Fat: Shifting Sand Concept Many of my patients try to weigh the merits of fat grafting versus fillers since they both seem to be equally beneficial to fill in the hollows of an aging face.  However, I would disagree.  For younger faces still replete with enough fat and in whom I worry about […]

Understanding The Aging Process Using Fat Grafting: A Glass Of Water Emptying

Understanding the Aging Process Using Fat Grafting:  A Glass of Water Emptying The face undergoes significantly less gravitational descent than was once thought.  Although everyone oftentimes takes two fingers to lift up what appears to be sagging, this maneuver does not truly represent what can be accomplished with a lifting procedure nor does it reflect […]

Understanding The Anterior Chin: The Upside Down U

Understanding The Anterior Chin: The Upside Down U Aging of the chin area is one of the most confusing areas because people I believe focus on the wrong thing. Most oftentimes the concern is about a jowl or about a sagging puppet line. Alternatively, it is about the fine lines that can circumscribe the lips, […]

3 Levels Of Botox Healing

3 Levels Of Botox Healing I always say that if you forget everything I teach you about what Botox can do for you, remember one short phrase, “Botox heals”. I know that may sound counter to initial thoughts about what Botox does since it is deemed a “poison” or a “toxin”, but it is the truth. […]

Megan Fox Lip Surgery

Megan Fox’s Lips In general, I am not opposed to a more aggressive policy with lip augmentation for women in their late teenage to early twenties.  A full set of lips can actually look natural in this narrow window of time.  However, even by the late twenties when the face is slimmer, very full lips […]

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