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Adrian Brody versus Tom Cruise’s Nose: Should They Have Rhinoplasty?

Adrian Brody versus Tom Cruise’s Nose:  Should They Have Rhinoplasty? Adrian Brody and Tom Cruise both have pretty big noses, the former winning by a stadium length.  Would you perform rhinoplasty on either one of their noses to make them less big?  That is a matter of artistic understanding.  Some would argue that very large […]

Why I Prefer Botox over Dysport

Why I Prefer Botox over Dysport I have been a faithful Botox user now for a decade and recently experimented with Dysport.  Although I have nothing against Dysport as a product, it has not worked well in my hands.  For all the many questions that my patients ask me about it, I would like to […]

Botox: First Time is the Most Important Time

Botox:  First Time is the Most Important Time Many individuals who desire to have Botox get obsessed with the quick fix of how Botox looks during the 3 months or so that it is effective.  However, as many of my patients know, I try to emphasize the importance of long-term healing.  Specifically, I truly see the […]

Depression After Plastic Surgery

Depression After Plastic Surgery The goal of these blog articles is to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly with regard to facial cosmetic surgery. Depression is an ugly word but it is important to mention it to understand when someone experiences it after plastic surgery. Depression may arise during the first week or […]

Lip Reduction/Correction Testimonial 1 Year Out for Bad Silicone Injection

Jody, Dr. Lam’s patient, gives her testimonial 1 year after her upper and lower lip reduction procedure and talks about how it has changed her life.  

Suzanne Somer’s Facial Injections: Oh My God!

Suzanne Somer’s Facial Injections:  Oh My God! Recently, I performed a fat transfer on a lady from Houston who showed me a photograph of Suzanne Somer’s during our preoperative visit the day before the procedure.  She had already sent me an email terribly worried about the procedure, asking whether I would make her look like […]

Design, Artistry, Technique, Purpose, Passion of my Plastic Surgery Practice

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sam Lam, discusses his ideas on artistry and design in excellent facial cosmetic surgery and how he differs from his colleagues who practice facial enhancement procedures.

Fat Processing for Fat Grafting: Does It Matter?

Fat Processing for Fat Grafting: Does It Matter? One of the most common questions that I get on the forum is “How do you process your fat?” This question pertains to how fat, once harvested from the body, is treated before injection into the face and/or hands. I know the intent of the question is […]

Madonna’s Cheek Implants

Madonna’s Cheek Implants Madonna has had some amazing work done and also some very bad work done as well.  The one thing that gained my attention was her cheek augmentation she had a couple of years ago. Madonna’s Cheek Implants I believe she underwent cheek implants to make her look younger but the opposite effect […]

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