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Cut-off Nostrils Following a Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Cut-off Nostrils Following a Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) One of the ugliest things that I see with a traditional rhinoplasty, or traditional nose job, are cut-off nostrils.  A nostril should naturally taper and curve onto the face with a shelf like portion on the upper lip known as the nasal sill, like a window sill.  When […]

Why 3 Syringes of Fillers Can Look Overfilled and Why 30 May Not

Pillow Faces Can Look Weird and Bad Recently, I had a lady who at the age of 57 started modeling for the first time in her life thanks in large part to the syringes I have put into her face to make her look better.  Her new boyfriend remarked that she looked better than she […]

Plastic Surgery Stories: Improving One’s Blink Effect

I love stories because in a story I am able to convey a lot and make it memorable for a person.  I remember a couple of stories that involved the Transport Security Authority (TSA) at the airport.  I had one lady in whom I had done many facial fillers to make her face look a […]

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