Rhinoplasty-Nose Job Photos - Case #31495

Patient Case #31495

This 44-year-old patient is shown before and eight months after a rhinoplasty, lower-eyelid blepharoplasty, and fat transfer around the eyes and a small amount of microfat transfer to her lips. For her rhinoplasty, she had a dorsal hump reduction, nasal bone slimming, and tip refinement using lateral turn-in flaps, a caudal septal extension graft, and nasal sill reduction, among other techniques. Her lower-eyelid procedure was done without an incision (transconjunctival) and fat was also placed into the upper eyelid and brow as well. She did not want to have a dramatic difference for the lips but a subtle augmentation. Microfat involves purifying the fat to make the result smooth and the recovery fast.

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