Rhinoplasty-Nose Job Photos - Case #42078

Patient Case #42078

23-year-old Hispanic woman shown before and 6 months after aesthetic rhinoplasty and extra-large, extended-anatomic silicone chin implant. She underwent nasal tip defatting, lateral turn-in flaps, a right caudal septal extension graft, separate domal sutures nasal sill reduction, and lateral refining osteotomies. Ethnic rhinoplasty is one of the toughest to perform because typically with super thick skin there is not much a discernible difference. Over reduction of the cartilages causes the tip to look more bulbous. Pushing the cartilages too far into the thick skin may make the tip look too large. A tip graft and also a radix graft to balance the nasal tip were attempted during the surgery but it left a less than desirable result and were abandoned. She also gives a video testimonial of her life-changing experience.

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