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Forbidden City

My Dog Bella and Her Sister Mulligan
I am so happy that I got my lovely Bella (the white one). Here are some pictures of her and her sister Mulligan, who was adopted by my neighbor.


Mexican Creek Canyon, Kayaking Adventure, September 2007
Here are some photos of my latest adventure kayaking in the area of San Antonio. The place is called Mexican Creek Canyon, and it is beautiful. On my first day I had a close encounter with rocks, scratched my elbow — but did not break a nail (you know what real girls are worried about). The second and the third day I did much better. I came off 4 and 14 foot waterfalls on the second day and kayaked in that huge frothy waterfall on the third. The person with a white helmet in a blue boat is me!!!!

The nature was beautiful. It is hard to believe this place is in Texas.

Who wants to learn more about kayaking can visit this great kayaking site.







Glacier National Park, Montana, Hiking Trip, August 2007
Did you notice I like adventure? Here I’m again exploring how far can I push myself.
First day we arrived to Glacier National Park. It was a nice group of 10 fun people. Second day went from air to water — from a walking Treetop tour at Big Mountain to Whitewater Rafting on a West Glacier cold river… a very cold river. The third day we hiked Two Medicine Trail Head. It was a nice 7.5 mile hike. The third day we had a short hike to a gorgeous waterfall — a little distraction and rest from the hike. The fourth day was the anticipated hike where we climbed to the peak of the glacier and witnessed wild bears frolicking.

The Grinnell Glacier Trail is one of the most scenic hikes in Glacier National Parks. When hiking the Grinnell Glacier Trail, a hiker will pass by crystal clear mountain lakes, towering mountains and will have the unique opportunity to stand on a glacier. The trail runs for 6 miles and has a vertical gain of 1600 feet. The first two miles of the trail are essentially flat. Beyond that, the trail has a gradual incline up to its end. The trail ends at Upper Grinnell Lake and Grinnell Glacier at the base of the continental divide.

Beside walking beautiful places, we stayed at beautiful places.

Many Glacier Hotel is located in the “Switzerland of North America”. The hotel rests on the shore of Swiftcurrent Lake in the heart of Glacier National Park. The Great Northern Railroad built this historic hotel in 1915. Many Glacier Hotel boasts a true Swiss atmosphere with alpine beauty that surrounds the five-story building.

*The trip was well organized and if you want more information on their next visit to glacier national park visit www.goldenadventures.com

until my next adventure, stay well. emina|







Red Mountain Spa, Utah, Yoga and Hiking Retreat, April 2007
Easter weekend I went to Utah for a three-day retreat in Red Mountain Spa. Originally it was a yoga retreat but when I heard that we would be hiking in addition. I was really excited. Three days filled with my favorite activities!!! A dream come true!!! I have been doing yoga for several years and this specific teacher combined it with chocolate — a workshop where you learn to focus on the moment whether tasting delicious chocolate or practicing yoga poses. Great experience. Then also came hiking. I have never seen red mountains or sand rocks. The scenery was beautiful. I hope you’ll enjoy my photos.





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