Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sam Lam talks about why the lips should follow the face in terms of chronology and design.

Full Audio Transcript:

In this podcast about lips following the face, the golden rule is not to start with the lips.
Now, that’s an exception and I’m talking about lips, like lip augmentation except when
you’re talking about a younger woman in their 20s and maybe 30s, who don’t who doesn’t have a
lot of aging going on, but I find that often times when you’re going to the med spa, all they do is blow up your cheeks, but your lips stick, some in your folds, and then you’re off on your way and then, the terrible thing is these fillers last.

You know, I always cite that there are studies that show that MRIs at eight years, still show a filler there and I had a lady just literally yesterday coming for consultation that had fillers with me back in 2010. It’s a last time she had fillers. She moved to New York City had an MRI of her face for some
other reason than last year and ten years out still showed she had fillers there and she still looks pretty darn good because she’s maintained It.

So, there’s a lie that fillers are gone in you know six months to a year and that’s absolutely false. It is there once the baseline is filled that, it’s there for really forever. I mean, you’re going to until you dissolve it that is, of course you get older, etc. So, I’m going on a little tangent here, but the fillers in the lips the reason why they look so bad is one of two reasons. Number one is that just poorly designed now with beautiful lips that are done, beautifully, that just look natural. That’s one thing but also, they have to match the face.

So, if you’ve got a 60-year-old woman who comes in saying look I just want a little my lips don’t make me look crazy, but I just want some more lips. Sometimes even a little bit can make them look crazy because their faces been not properly rejuvenated, and they start with the lips and it also is not worth the money.

Often times the deeper folds around the mouth or the volume loss around the eyes are better areas to potentially start, compared to the lips because the lips are not necessarily worth it because other areas really make people look worse than the lips but women are so focused on lip lines or lips that that’s where they want to start.