Dimple Creation FAQs

Why should I create a dimple?

If you ask the question, perhaps you are not desirous of having one. Nevertheless, many people are fond of the way that dimples look and find them charming. Also, in Asian cultures, many believe that a dimple imparts a higher chance of fertility, good fortune, and increased marriage prospect. Obviously, Dr. Lam cannot promise you that any of these things will happen to you!

How many dimples can I create?

Generally speaking, Dr. Lam prefers to create only one dimple. The reason that a single dimple is better is that it is very hard to make two dimples appear exactly the same in depth and shape. Even though Dr. Lam can create more than one dimple, he recommends only one dimple.

Can I decide what shape that I want my dimple to be?

Yes, to a certain extent. The larger the dimple, the more ovoid (less circular) the dimple will appear. That is partly due to the technique that Dr. Lam uses and partly because that is more natural looking. Generally, the ovoid looks the most natural if it is designed with the long axis in a vertical orientation. A consultation with Dr. Lam will help you decide what your aesthetic desires are more precisely and what is possible with his technique.

How does Dr. Lam do the procedure?

Dr. Lam uses an incision from inside the mouth. There is no external skin incision. Dr. Lam uses a suture technique to create the dimple. It is a very simple and short office-based procedure. Since it is done under local anesthesia, you can drive home afterward.

What is the recovery time involved?

The sutures that Dr. Lam uses inside the mouth are dissolvable so you will not need to have any sutures removed. However, a visible dimple will be seen all the time whether you smile or not smile for several weeks to a couple of months. After a couple of months, the dimple will “fall out”, i.e., will not be visible when you don’t smile and only appear naturally when you do smile.

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