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Aging Nose Rhinoplasty – Why Is It Important

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I did a podcast a while ago on the aging knows specifically about injectable rhinoplasty, specifically how a little bit of filler in the nose can make someone look younger. The reason for that is that if you think about a witch’s nose, you know, the classic definition or a visual definition of an older woman is there’s a hook, a hump, and then there’s a long tip and is dependent or hanging. You think about that and that defines aging. I had a patient, I just did some, sorry, I just saw her in a postoperative for a rhinoplasty. And I said, does anyone notice that you had anything done, you know, and she said, people think she just looks younger and she’s an early 40 year old African-American female. And I said, you know why that is?

I said, because when I raised the bridge narrow, the bridge narrow, the tip, the nose just looks younger. It’s a younger looking nose versus a larger tip and a flatter bridge. So there’s this balance where the nose just makes the face looks more juvenate. So for women that come in and do fillers in their fifties and sixties, want a little bit of rejuvenation, I just do a little bit of fillers into the nose and it makes a huge difference. What’s interesting is if you’ve got a hump, you’ve got either a core rhinoplasty in the password, whatever it may be, and you’re undergoing a facelift, I may talk to you about a rhinoplasty as well, because what’s really interesting is if I do the nose, it can actually take another 10 years off your face because when the nose looks more youthful than the face looks more youthful, you’re also think of another example, Leonardo DaVinci, the famous artist, drew younger men and older men.

And the older men If you look at those drawings, they have a hook nose, they’ve got a hanging tip and they’ve got a hump. And those are just signs of aging. The reason the nose ages is the fact that the tip starts to lose its structural support. And over time it starts to collapse downward. This area called the scroll, which is a connection between the upper and lower lateral cartilages. In other words, between the middle and the lower third of the nose starts to separate out and the nose tip starts to drop. So it actually doesn’t get bigger. It just lengthens. And so that lengthening effect is what’s happening. Now. What’s interesting with my rhinoplasty technique, I’ve talked about this before is I use what’s called a cuddle septal extension graft. And that cuddle septal extension graft is just a graft at anchors, a tip in a very secure fashion, which should be stronger than the day you were born. So it almost resists against aging. So in 20 years from now, the nose should really not dip. Whereas if you didn’t have the rhinoplasty, it probably will dip, especially if you’re fair-skinned individual. And especially if you’re a male.