When I first heard about Dr. Lam, I remember him being described as a sculptor of the face. This was right around the time when I first started getting Botox and fillers about 2 years ago. Fast forward to 2020 and I finally made the decision to come to him and I have to say WOW. I am truly amazed by him. My first visit to him was for a consultation and he took the time to answer my questions, told me what he felt would be necessary, was very mindful of explaining cost and procedure and made me feel very comfortable asking questions. His level of professionalism and knowledge is unparalleled to what I’ve experienced before. The level of comfort tI felt as he injected my face was something I didn’t know was possible. And looking back at my own before and afters I now know what they meant when they called him a SCULPTOR. He balanced my face beautifully!