Keloids: Before & After Photos

Surgeries performed by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Lam in Plano, TX.

Case #54650

This 23-year-old woman had keloids in both of her ears from prior ear piercing and gives her testimonial 9 months after keloid removal by Dr. Sam Lam in Dallas, Texas.

Case #51594

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sam Lam‘s 26-year-old African-American patient gives a testimonial 7 months after a keloid removal from her neck after failed steroid attempts performed elsewhere. Before and after photos are included.

Case #21784

Scar Revision, Keloids

This gentleman is shown before and six months after keloid excision in the back of his scalp with good success. Of note, he had multiple failures in the past with various injectable treatments by dermatologists.

Case #21686


This gentleman had a gauge earring that led to a deformity that ultimately led to a keloid. He had a very complicated surgery in which the keloid was entirely removed, which in turn left a large gauge deformity in his ear. He had a reconstruction of this using a rolled flap and then had subsequent radiation therapy to minimize recurrence. He is shown before and 8 months after surgery.

Case #21687

Scar Revision, Keloids

This 46-year-old African-American male is shown before and 1 year after keloid excision of his right neck and his left ear lobe. Of note, he had a prior keloid excision performed elsewhere that amputated his ear lobe that shows a persistent deformity.

Case #14295


This keloid was surgically removed by Dr. Lam and was followed by timed radiation. The patient is shown 1 year after surgery without recurrence. He had previously failed surgery elsewhere with the keloid actually worsening rather than improving after surgery.

Case #14301


This keloid was surgically removed by Dr. Lam using his specialized method for keloid removal and is shown one year after surgery with no recurrence. The patient also had timed radiation to minimize recurrence.

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