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Kybella Dallas

kybella-dallasKybella is an easy procedure to reduce and remove unwanted fat under the chin, all done with a few simple injections. The reduction of fat in the submental region (under the chin) is done non-surgically in which Dr. Lam injects this fat-dissolving substance and over a few weeks’ time the fat begins to melt away, never to return. Dr. Lam’s method is done very accurately in a calculated manner to deliver precise amounts to targeted areas with little to no discomfort. He uses a vibratory method (for which he is well known) to make the needle injections virtually painless. After about a minute the area begins to ache and it remains achy and sore for about a day or slightly longer. You can take aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories to assist in reducing your discomfort if needed. By rapidly injecting the area before the achiness fully sets in, Dr. Lam minimizes discomfort during the injection process. The area under the chin can look swollen for up to a week or so and appear to be an exaggerated double chin. This will gradually resolve and the result will not be fully apparent for approximately 3 to 6 weeks. An additional injection session at that time (or later) may be needed to achieve optimal outcomes.

A few things that you should know about your candidacy to have this procedure should be presented herein. First, not all fat resides above the muscle known as the platysma. This supraplatysmal fat is reduced very effectively with Kybella; whereas subplatysmal fat (below the muscle) is not as effectively improved. It is hard beforehand by physical examination to determine how much of the fat resides above or below the muscle, so results may vary in some individuals. Further, even though the skin does tighten after a session of Kybella, if someone has very loose skin and the beginning visibility of muscle banding (platysmal banding or turkey gobbler to which it is commonly referred), Kybella may worsen the situation. Therefore, it is imperative that a qualified physician like Dr. Lam with sound clinical judgment helps determine your candidacy for the procedure.

A commonly asked question is whether it is safe to use Kybella in other areas of the face and body. The answer is a qualified yes. It is unsafe under the eyes to remove eyebags, as there have been a few reported incidences of vision loss. It is also unsafe to inject it into the jowl as it can lead to a temporary (but long-lasting) nerve paralysis in this area. It can be used in the body but the cost to do so would be unreasonable. There have been reported cases of reducing lipomas non-surgically and this may be a novel use of this product. Overall, Kybella is a very safe procedure that can serve as an alternative to surgical neck liposuctioning/lipocontouring for those individuals who do not desire a surgical procedure. However, it does not replace a neck or facelift, and it is advisable to seek the judgment of Dr. Lam or a qualified physician regarding your eligibility for the procedure.

For a consultation with Dr. Lam regarding whether Kybella would work for you, please email us at [email protected] or call 972-312-8188.