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Injectable fillers have truly permitted amazing facial rejuvenation for individuals who would formerly need to undergo surgery. Dr. Lam uses all-natural hyaluronic acid products that are reversible and with repeated treatments can last years. Dr. Lam does not overfill patients and avoids the tell-tale areas that other injectors overinflate like the anterior cheek. Using advanced, disposable micro cannulas (blunt needles), he is able to sculpt faces safely, painlessly, quickly, and accurately with a lot lower potential for bruising. Dr. Lam is truly an artist and can fit most budgets from modest to more generous, always maximizing one’s benefit for a given price paid.

Key Points

  1. Dr. Lam exercises incredible artistry to design faces in ways that no one knows what he did but that makes one appear youthful, brighter, and rested. He calls this the “Blink” principle in which an onlooker in a blink of an eye reads that you look better without knowing why. He recommends patients to give him artistic freedom to design a face the right way. Oftentimes, women in particular see small flaws like tiny lip lines that no one else can see. It may be hard to correct these fine lines and those corrections may not last. More importantly, one may not look any better after such a treatment, at least not to another individual.
  2. Dr. Lam believes that the eyes are perhaps one of the most important areas to treat (at least until more advanced aging makes the downturned mouth and marionette lines so dominant that those areas become a priority). For a person in his or her 30s, 40s, 50s, and oftentimes 60s, the hollowness around the eyes should be considered an area of utmost importance because we all make eye contact with one another. We engage socially and professionally with our eyes, and tiredness of the eyes can make us look less than ideal. Dr. Lam has developed a concept of “asymmetric triangles” in which he focuses on the short-limb of the upper eyelid to fill in order to make the eyelid appear less sagging. He focuses on the long limb of the lower eyelid triangle to fill the tear trough. Further, he has begun to see the face as “halos” in which he fills in the edges of shadows to create the illusion of youth. He will explain these concepts to you in greater detail during a consultation.

  3. Lip enhancement is a very complicated topic. Dr. Lam always creates the most natural-appearing lips. They must match your face and your age. Dr. Lam prefers oftentimes to rejuvenate the face before the lips so that the lips don’t look out of place. Further, as one ages, the upper lip begins to lengthen and it may not be advisable to place too much filler in the upper lip so that one’s teeth in turn become covered, which can actually make one look older. Design is everything to make lips look natural: Dr. Lam exercises skillful artistry to design his lips. Lips should be created in a “tubercle” design with a natural taper toward the lip corners and without the border being filled (which looks unnatural). Finally, lip enhancements simply do not hurt like elsewhere. Dr. Lam either uses cannulas without a dental block for modest gains (which doesn’t hurt) or he uses a dental block for greater enhancement (which also does not hurt, does not stay numb long, and does not make the heart race). You have to experience it to believe it.


Does Dr. Lam use permanent fillers to rejuvenate the face?

No, not anymore. He did use permanent facial injectable fillers but in rare cases had problems and has decided that the safest course of action is to use only products that are reversible. The question naturally arises how long these products last. Dr. Lam has been using Restylane since 2004 and has seen in his staff and in his patients that this product can in many cases be almost permanent minus ongoing aging and some initial loss.

How long do these fillers last and how often do I need to come in?

Like Botox, the more fillers one does the longer the result can last. As mentioned above, Dr. Lam has seen his filler results last years. He recommends to be more diligent in filling areas the first year and then over time you can come in less frequently after an initial foundation has been established. Unlike Botox, there is no strict timetable to return for fillers. It can be every few months, a couple of times a year, or just annually. You can do more syringes one day and fewer another.

Will I look natural?

In a word, yes. Dr. Lam makes two promises. He will make you look natural and he won’t waste your money. He is very focused on delivering the best outcomes he can for any given budget. He will guide you in spending your money wisely with him. His true passion is making people look their very best and guiding you in ways that you may never have considered.

What are cannulas?

Cannulas in short are needles with a blunt end. He uses a small needle to enter the skin so that he can pass the cannula through. The cannula allows him to achieve unparalleled accuracy, less discomfort, increased safety, and less bruising. Unfortunately, only a very small percentage of injectors use cannulas due to their inexperience. Dr. Lam cannot imagine injecting the face without these advanced techniques that have become integral to his successful outcomes.

How painful is the experience?

Although his Botox injections are practically painless, you may experience a small degree of discomfort with fillers. However, Dr. Lam is extremely gifted at minimizing pain and making the experience virtually free of significant discomfort. He uses a vibration technique that confuses the brain so that one only feels the vibration rather than the needle. Needle-phobes love him! He believes that topical anesthetic creams are practically useless since the cannula works below the skin where the topical cream cannot help, and below the skin the injectable product already has lidocaine in it further making the procedure very tolerable. As mentioned above, his lip enhancement is virtually painless.

How long is the recovery period?

This depends. There can be a mild degree of swelling for a day or a few days. However, swelling could last longer or be more significant. Most patients do not take time off from work or only take a weekend off. However, it is ill advised to undergo injections less than two weeks before a major event like one’s wedding, birthday, or other special occasion. It is always advisable to avoid medications that can cause bruising for a week prior to the treatment session. This list can be given to you by the staff or you can view/download it on Dr. Lam’s website. You can also use Arnica and other natural homeopathic methods to decrease bruising, which Dr. Lam also sells in his office for your convenience. Dr. Lam uses blue light and lasers to manage bruising should it arise and you can schedule a treatment with a laser at no charge if needed. As a word of caution, a laser may not entirely erase a bruise but can minimize it and shorten the period of time that it is there.


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