Cosmetic Surgery Video Gallery

In this cosmetic surgery video gallery, Dr. Lam has organized and included a variety of topics that will help you as a prospective (or even established) plastic surgery patient get to know more about Dr. Lam, his patients, his staff, and his results.

These cosmetic surgery videos include everything from extensive patient video testimonials to patient video diaries showing patients who have been willing to narrate their recovery from cosmetic surgery on a daily basis. Dr. Lam would like to emphasize that none of his patients were compensated or discounted to appear in these videos, which he believes to be both unethical and dishonest.

In addition to Cosmetic Surgery Videos, Dr. Lam has included videos of his appearances on local and national media discussing his plastic surgery techniques. Other plastic surgery related videos include his lectures that he has given both nationally and internationally on his cosmetic surgery philosophy and technique, mostly to other surgeons but also on occasion to a lay audience.

Dr. Lam believes that plastic surgery videos communicate more effectively on a surgeon’s philosophy, technique, personality, and his related patient outcomes and testimonials. Accordingly, Dr. Lam has spent years putting together these cosmetic surgery videos for your education and enjoyment.

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