Malar Mound Reduction

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At times with the aging process, abnormal skin can develop in the cheek region that exhibits a cyclical pattern of swelling usually worse in the morning hours. This entity is known as a “malar mound”, which Dr. Lam has created an original and new classification for in his book, Complementary Fat Grafting.

malar moundSometimes an eyebag is not an eyebag but a so-called malar mound that requires a malar mound reduction. Milder conditions of malar mound can be managed with fat grafting around the mound to minimize its presence. However, in very advanced cases, direct removal of the offending skin can lead to permanent correction of the problem.

Malar Reduction Procedure

All malar mound procedures are performed by Dr Lam himself, at his Cosmetic Surgery center in Dallas Texas. To schedule a malar mound reduction consultation call 972.312.8188 or email us. The details of your malar mound (both the limitations and the benefits in your particular situation) will be explained to you during your malar mound consultation with Dr. Lam and his team.

Your Malar Mound Reduction will be performed by Dr. Lam's surgery center located in Plano, TX.

i have full trust in his ability to improve my appearance in a natural way .

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