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Introduction to the Staff Section

Dr. Lam highly prizes what his staff brings to your experience at Lam Facial Plastics. Unique knowledge and skill are without question traits that every staff member possesses. But that is simply far from enough. Dr. Lam has sought individuals that epitomize the high marks of excellent service that you expect and who are empowered to deliver that service to you with every encounter you have whether it be on the phone or in person. Your experience at Lam Facial Plastics must be the best you have ever had with a company, any company for that matter, and we strive hard to exceed your expectations. Once we have exceeded your expectations, we expect to exceed them again. Your experience has as much to do with Dr. Lam as it does with his staff. For these reasons (and more to be enumerated), Dr. Lam felt that an entire new section of this website must be dedicated to his staff so that you can personally get to know each individual before you meet him or her and understand the unique skill sets that each team member brings to the table.

Do you know when you walk into a store or into a restaurant, you either feel immediately at home or immediately put off? The atmosphere that pervades a company is fundamentally created by the members of that company who must exude warmth not because they have to but because that is all they know how to do. Our staff members have been selected for their emotional warmth, caring, and depth of character. It is impossible to train these attributes into a person. You are a born “hospitalitarian”, as the restaurateur Danny Meyer puts it, or you are not. A hospitalitarian is someone who actually craves helping someone else and feels self-fulfilled and self-actualized by doing so. Our staff members possess such pride and such passion in their job. We hope that you can feel the difference the moment you set foot in our office suite and surgery center.

Dr. Lam is also very proud of the academic accomplishments of his staff members who are leaders in their own right. Following Dr. Lam’s lead of lecturing nationally to his peers, our staff members also teach nationally every year at the national conferences. Emina Karamanovski, the hair-transplant coordinator at the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration, has in the past been a national trainer for physicians and assistants in hair restoration across the United States and Canada as well as lecturing almost every year at the hair-transplant assistants meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS). Her national and international lectures are focused principally on maintaining and executing quality control at every step during hair restoration. She has also written a textbook for assistants in hair restoration.

Dr. Lam believes that when you come to Lam Facial Plastics you are not only getting the best with him but also the best with his premier staff. We are all looking forward very much to serve you!

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