Kybella: Before & After Photos

Surgeries performed by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Lam in Plano, TX.

Case #21951


This patient is shown before and six weeks after a single treatment of Kybella to reduce her jowls permanently. She is shown with an improvement but not entire elimination of her jowls.

Case #21963


One round of Kybella to dissolve jowl fat and to tighten the jawline non-surgically. Although Kybella does not work as reliably for the neck, it can work very well for the jowls also with little pain and downtime.

Case #22186

Kybella, Injectable Fillers

This 59-year old lady is shown before and two weeks after fillers around the eyes and Kybella for slimming her jowls. Dr. Lam’s “fast lift” can achieve a good result for the right patient who may not be ready for a facelift.

Case #21225

Injectable Fillers, Kybella

This woman wanted to improve her jowls so she underwent a Kybella injection once 4 months prior to permanently reduce her jowls.
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Case #21722

Kybella, Botox, Injectable Fillers, Eyelid Rejuvenation

This 51-year-old woman is shown before and after upper blepharoplasty (upper eyelid surgery), periorbital fillers (fillers in the upper and lower eyelid area), and jowl reduction with Kybella. All procedures were performed awake in the office with minimal discomfort and recovery time.

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