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hair restoration before & afterHair Restoration using modern hair transplant techniques can achieve permanent and seamlessly natural results. At the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration, in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Lam and his hair transplant team are able to provide you with the experience level and customized care that comes only with what Dr. Lam likes to call a “boutique” hair transplant outfit.

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Your Hair Transplant will be performed by Dr. Lam's surgery center located in Plano, TX.

Dr. Lam did a hair transplant after I lost my hair due to radiation after brain surgery. This was my second time seeing Dr. Lam. He did a scar revision after my original brain tumor was removed in 2005. It grew back so I had a second surgery in 2016, including chemo and radiation. After 2 years I still had baldness, so I contacted Dr. Lam’s office about a hair transplant. Dr. Lam and his staff were fabulous. They made me feel comfortable about the entire process. It was not as painful as I expected. I took 2 days of vacation and went back to work. Looks great after 2 weeks. .

Many Hair Transplant “chains” out there treat you only like a number and perform 20 to 30 hair transplants a week. Dr. Lam believes that performing only 2 to 4 hair transplants a week and only one a day (never two) allows him to concentrate and exercise both artistry and attention during every procedure. Grafts are never chopped up quickly, placed, or even thrown away. The job is always done right, and time is taken to ensure that your hair transplant experience is always superlative. He never outsources his hair transplant team. They are with him full time. This is so very important (as will be explained). In addition, by limiting his number of procedures to only 2 to 4 a week, his team can remain fresh and dedicated, as hair restoration is a very time consuming and taxing procedure on his team.

The opposite is also true. Many Hair Transplant surgeons advertise that they perform hair restoration, and only do 1 or 2 cases a year or almost never. Hair restoration is an art that must be constantly applied to achieve excellent results. In addition, a surgeon cannot maintain a team of skilled and dedicated hair transplant technicians with this low an output. Dr. Lam performs about 100 operative cases a year and will not exceed that number, as quality begins to deteriorate when you turn into a “factory”.

Dr. Lam believes that performing only 2 to 4 hair transplants a week… allows him to concentrate and exercise both artistry and attention during every procedure

Hair Restoration is like building a car. Although Dr. Lam performs his part of the procedure with excellent dedication, his hair transplant team is equally important as he is. The quality of graft dissection and placement stands at a commensurate level to Dr. Lam’s artistry, donor harvest, closure, and site creation. If any part of the procedure is lacking, the result can be poor, as Dr. Lam’s practice encompasses a large number of corrective hair restoration as seen on his website, Accordingly, Dr. Lam has detailed why he and his hair transplant team is better at every single phase of the procedure from hairline design, donor harvest and closure, recipient-site creation, graft dissection, and graft placement.

Because hair loss is an ongoing problem, you may have to have another transplant in the future. That being said, we want you to have absolutely NO discomfort during the procedure. Almost all hair transplant procedures out there are performed in an office setting. Dr. Lam performs all of his hair transplant procedures in his surgical facility, allowing him to give you a little intravenous (IV) sedation so that you do not feel any pain during the hair transplant procedure. He has had numerous patients who have had it done elsewhere and are actually fearful to have it done again because of their prior discomfort and are tremendously relieved after Dr. Lam’s procedure. In addition, Dr. Lam uses a very meticulous tumescent solution that lifts the hair follicles during harvesting far away from any nerves and blood supply so that the incision heals well but also minimizes any chance of long-term discomfort in the harvested area. He has unfortunately had to treat many patients with discomfort from other hair transplant clinics who are careless during their harvesting of the donor area.

…the consultation with Dr. Lam and his hair-transplant coordinator can be as important as the procedure and the after care.

As mentioned, hair loss is progressive. Although the transplanted hair is permanent and is never lost, you will most likely continue to experience some regression over time. Therefore, there are three very important elements when contemplating hair transplant. First, Dr. Lam and his team will educate you about FDA-approved medical options like finasteride (Propecia) and minoxidil (Rogaine) that can help slow down or even reverse some areas of hair loss. Second, he maintains the utmost ethical care when dealing with the young patient facing hair loss in terms of counseling him or her about how to cope with a lifetime problem and ensuring that his hair transplant does not become a suboptimal result in the future. That is why the consultation with Dr. Lam and his hair-transplant coordinator can be as important as the procedure and the after care. Third, he has studied in depth all kinds of hair loss conditions that would make it unwise to perform hair transplant and has detailed these types of hair loss on his website, Besides excellent technical skill, Dr. Lam and his team are very knowledgeable about hair loss but will refer you to the appropriate physician when consultation is necessary to evaluate your hair loss condition more in depth.

For instance, women who lose hair may not initially be a hair transplant candidate and may need to be evaluated for hormonal factors like post-pregnancy related hair loss, low thyroid levels, low iron levels, high DHEAS, etc. During the first consultation, Dr. Lam and his hair-transplant coordinator will perform a detailed hair analysis and refer you to the appropriate consulting physician for further evaluation as needed. With these medical issues in mind, Dr. Lam performs excellent hair restoration in women and has a large percentage of his patients who are female. He can perform female hairline lowering for women who are born with a male-shaped hairline, and he creates a unique hair pattern specific for the female hairline whether you are losing hair or were born that way. Understanding female hair loss and how to transplant a woman is very important and different for men who encompass the majority of hair loss sufferers.


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