Osteoma (Bony Forehead Bump/Lump) Removal

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Dr. Lam specializes in removal of osteomas, which are hard bony lumps, that occur typically on the forehead, and which may slowly grow in size over time. They are typically benign tumors that can be easily removed by an expert. Dr. Lam prepares the patient ideally with Botox in the forehead muscles to minimize stretchback (scarring) of the incision after surgery. He ideally would inject the Botox a day before the procedure for out-of-town patients or 1-2 weeks prior for in-town patients.

On the day of the procedure for osteoma removal, he uses gentle intravenous (IV) sedation at his on-site surgery center so that you are comfortable and feel no pain. He makes the incision typically along the hairline using a trichophytic incision (meaning he makes the incision so that the hairs grow back through the incision to camouflage the scar). Then, using specialized instruments, he is able to cleave the osteoma free from the forehead bone in a non-traumatic fashion. He carefully sculpts any remaining uneven edges before finishing the procedure. He closes the incision in multiple layers all with dissolvable sutures. He has found that these sutures heal the best. He will then inject a small amount of Botox into the incision for further improved healing of the incision. You are able to fly back home if you are from out of town the day after the procedure. No follow up beyond that is needed if you are from out of town.


Osteoma Patient of Dr. Lam

Before and After

Osteoma Patient of Dr. Lam, Before Procedure
Osteoma Patient of Dr. Lam, After Procedure

Your Osteoma (Bony Forehead Bump/Lump) Removal will be performed by Dr. Lam's surgery center located in Plano, TX.


What is an osteoma?

It is a benign bony growth on the forehead that may occur any time during one’s lifetime and may slowly grow over time. It typically does not carry any risk other than as a cosmetic deformity.

What makes Dr. Lam’s technique special?

He is considered an expert in removing these osteomas because many surgeons are uncomfortable with taking these out. His specialized technique is very gentle with a very quick recovery time and typically with seamless incisions that should be very hard to detect from a social distance.

Do osteomas recur?

Typically, no. Once they are removed, they should not come back. However, there is always a chance that may occur. Also, you may develop other ones elsewhere but that is also unlikely in most cases.

What follow up do I need after the procedure?

Dr. Lam does not require any formal follow up other than seeing you the day after the procedure if possible before you fly out if you are from out of town. Sutures usually take 4 to 8 weeks to fully dissolve on the skin surface but are typically hidden in the hairline, very tiny, and are flesh colored. They can be gently trimmed if any remain after 8 weeks. Dr. Lam, however, also welcomes a follow-up visit, especially if you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Fixing Bony Bumps ( Osteomas) on Foreheads

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