Dear Dr. Lam,

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional care I received at your clinic. From the moment I stepped through your doors, I felt a warm welcome. Your clinic exudes the same level of excellence as a top-tier Beverly Hills medical center, right there in Plano, Texas.

Having followed your Instagram, I was already aware of your impressive knowledge and expertise in plastic surgery. As a former runaway kid, I am now dealing with the consequences of my past mistakes. However, doctors like you make it possible for me to look ahead and leave the past behind. You have not only restored my physical appearance but also my emotional well-being.

I never anticipated that my visit to your clinic would also address my struggles with anxiety and depression. I trusted you implicitly and allowed you to administer acupuncture and Botox injections. The results were remarkable. I felt an immediate 50% improvement, and each day brings further progress.

Your innovative approach is groundbreaking and has the potential to gain worldwide recognition. I sincerely hope that as your practice grows, you will still have room for me. I will be overjoyed to see your success, which you truly deserve.

Your kindness towards your staff and the affectionate way you speak about your wife are testament to your character. You are unlike any other doctor I have encountered. I have visited renowned doctors due to my sister’s socialite lifestyle, including Dr. Lancer in Beverly Hills, where celebrity sightings are common. More recently, I consulted Dr. Emer, who recommended treatments totaling $28,000.

However, your honesty sets you apart. You only recommend necessary treatments, which is why your patients keep coming back. You have a unique charm and humility, despite your obvious brilliance and extensive knowledge.

It was a privilege to meet you and receive your exceptional care. Your unique talent is truly a divine gift. I am confident that your treatments will benefit countless individuals. I eagerly anticipate our next meeting.

Hi Sam,
I’m sending you my before and after photos. It is truly remarkable. For 30 years I’ve suffered from Raynaud’s on a regular basis. Your treatment is a success and for me, a significant improvement to my daily life.

From a patient with Parkinson’s
My walking is much MUCH improved. Have been walking the neighborhood daily – 1.5 to 3 miles.

Before Dr Lam treatments I have been drained of energy.

I have so much to do but pain and lack of energy prohibited doing the work.

After Dr Lam treatments, energy level way up.

I’ve been working the exterior front and back of my house, power washing our upper and lower level deck, cleaning 1st and 2nd floor windows, trimming shrubbery, etc ..

Other than still having arm and hand tremors, I’d say every other symptom is remarkably improved.

THE best when it comes to facial procedures. He explains his recommendations in great detail and you feel comfortable knowing his background and how confident he is. He’s the BEST in North Texas and even beyond!

I want to thank Dr. Lam for the neck/facial procedure he did one year ago. The results are stunning. He went beyond the procedure to ensure that my ears aligned appropriately, fit me into his schedule within my flight constraints and was, as always, a delight to work with. My neck and chin line are exactly what I hoped them to be. This is a random note of gratitude for Dr. Sam Lam and his expertise. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Recently had the lip reduction procedure with Dr. Lam. His process throughout was great, explained every detail well, and did not feel any pain during the numbing block or the actual procedure itself. Dr. Lam made sure I was comfortable. Results are going to take some time to see which I will post another review about after however up until now it was very good. Most trusted doctor for this procedure (lip reduction).

I did an upper Blepharoplasty. Sam took his time and answered all my questions. The whole process was painless and I am ecstatic about the results. He did such a good job of making sure everything was even and also minimized the pain. Highly highly recommended.

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