Mission Statement of Lam Facial Plastics

Lam Facial Plastics Mission Statement

“Achieving the best, naturally” says it all. The goal of every surgical endeavor is to achieve the best result without the perceptible stigma of having had surgery. When a prospective patient is seeking aesthetic consultation, he or she should diligently review the surgeon’s before-and-after results to determine whether that goal is met. Speaking with other patients who have been satisfied with the surgeon’s results can also provide useful information about the recovery period and their satisfaction with the care provided and ultimately the aesthetic outcome. Understanding the surgeon’s philosophy and surgical technique must also be a preliminary step toward establishing trust and determining whether surgical goals are mutual. Accordingly, Dr. Lam has set forth the following goals for every patient encounter and surgical enterprise:

  1. To provide the best aesthetic and/or functional outcome.
  2. To achieve only a natural, non-operated appearing surgical result.
  3. To tailor every surgical endeavor to the patient’s anatomy and desires.
  4. To achieve the fastest, least painful recovery possible.
  5. To use the latest, most advanced, but proven techniques to arrive at these goals.
  6. To offer the patient different options that conform to his or her aesthetic wishes, budgetary constraints, and time commitment to recovery.
  7. To educate the patient about these options in order to promote fruitful dialogue that allows the patient to make an intelligent decision as to his or her own care.
  8. To assist the patient in reliable and suitable methods to ensure longevity of the surgical result.
  9. To handle any question, problem, or concern promptly and fully.
  10. To extend the best care that can be provided to the patient during every phase from the preoperative, operative, to postoperative setting.
  11. Not to stop until all of these goals are met.


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