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Asian Cosmetic Surgery Dallas

Asian Facial Cosmetic Surgery including Asian Rhinoplasty, Asian Jaw Reduction and Asian Lip Reduction have gained increasing popularity over the past decade. With advanced techniques and more surgical options, Asian patients are seeking cosmetic surgery at a quickening pace. Although traditional Western techniques may be appropriate in select cases, Asian Facial Cosmetic Surgery requires cultural sensitivity and unique strategies that preserve a natural appearance but enhance beauty. Dr. Lam’s 2nd textbook, “Cosmetic Surgery of the Asian Face“, describes the many different state-of-the-art methods currently advocated, combining the best from the West and the East.

The Asian face is uniquely different from other races and requires special methods to enhance one’s appearance without creating an unnatural result that does not fit one’s ethnicity and/or gender. There are many minor and salient differences that divide the various Asian nationalities, e.g., Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Cambodian, etc.

Dr Lam is considered an expert on Asian facial plastic surgery, as part of his training, he took his preceptorship abroad for Asian Facial Plastic Surgery in Honolulu, Hawaii; Tokyo, Japan; and Seoul, Korea. Dr Lam is of Asian descent and fully understands all aspects of Asian plastic surgery.

Asian Cosmetic Surgery Procedures:

All Asian cosmetic surgery procedures are performed by Dr Lam himself, at his Cosmetic Surgery center in Dallas Texas. To schedule a Asian plastic surgery consultation call 1-888-866-3388 or email us . The details of your Asian plastic surgery (both the limitations and the benefits in your particular situation) will be explained to you during your Asian plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Lam and his team.

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