Charities/Humanitarian Efforts

Dr. Lam is a passionate supporter of many causes that relate to stopping child abuse and human trafficking. He has been active with the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC) that serves to bring perpetrators of child abuse and violence to justice and to help heal those children affected by these crimes. He and his wife Ellie served as Honorary Chairs of the Art for Advocacy event in 2022 and also hosted the kick-off event at their home. His painting, Floris II, which was donated to the cause, sold within minutes at maximum bid for $20,000. The painting took him over 90 hours to complete. In 2023, he created his most ambitious painting, Hope Eternal, a 10 x 5 foot two-canvas work, in which he collaborated with the children of DCAC, who completed the abstract background where he painted the figurative elements over it that included two children’s portraits, 65 birds, 35 animals, and 135 flowers, among other intricate details that took him 3 months and over 200 hours to complete. His donated paintings have been selected as the top donated art to be displayed each year in August at NorthPark mall.

For his 12 textbooks he has written, all profits go to charity. Currently, his textbook profits go to, an organization for global human rights to stop the trade in human trafficking. The problem in the world today is that there are so many children and adults who are stolen from their daily lives and taken into sex and work slavery, robbing them of their freedom, dignity, and humanity. This is happening in Dallas and in all parts of the world to all levels of social strata. Dr. Lam not only wants to raise money for this cause but also to raise awareness so that you will protect your family and also help others do likewise.

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