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Cosmetic Surgery Learning Modules

These learning modules were written by Dr. Lam for the expressed purpose of providing more systematic and comprehensive knowledge about a particular topic in facial plastic surgery that reflects Dr. Lam’s philosophical and surgical approach. These tutorials are not meant to convey any kind of objectivity about plastic surgery (if such objectivity even exists) but instead to explain Dr. Lam’s perspective on each topic culled through his extensive clinical experience and critical thinking.


Cosmetic Surgery FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are intended to answer a lot of the most commonly asked questions that you may have about a specific cosmetic procedure. Please remember that what you read in this section is only intended to provide you with a general answer to a question and should not be considered in any way a substitute for a personal consultation with Dr. Lam.


Plastic Surgery Glossary

Dr. Lam felt it was particularly important to make this website as comprehensive as possible to educate, inform, and communicate with prospective and established patients. This Plastic Surgery Glossary is intended to help the individual reference and define key terms that may be of a technical nature found throughout this website on the subject of plastic surgery.



Dr Lam’s Press section includes appearances, interviews and other related events in Video, Radio and Print. Dr. Lams’ Press Kit is also available.

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