Revision/Corrective Rhinoplasty Photos - Case #22662

Patient Case #22662

Rhinoplasty-Nose Job, Revision/Corrective Rhinoplasty, Lip Reduction (Corrective and Ethnic)

This 34-year-old patient African-American gentleman is shown before and one week after a revision rhinoplasty/nose job and lip reduction. Of note, for his rhinoplasty, he underwent nasal hump reduction and osteotomies to lower the hump and to narrow the nose. He had his radix elevated with diced rib graft with Tisseel, lateral turn-in flaps to narrow the nose along with double-dome binding sutures and a caudal septal extension graft to create a stronger tip and to elevate a sagging nose. He also could not breathe well and now has perfect breathing.

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