Otoplasty (Cosmetic Ear Reshaping) Photos - Case #21608

Patient Case #21608

Otoplasty (Cosmetic Ear Reshaping)

This gentleman had a prior otoplasty performed elsewhere after which he could not wear eyeglasses because the ears were too tight, especially the right side. He also needed to hold his ear out from his head when he was getting a haircut. In addition, he had a nonhealing ulcer on the surface of the right ear. Because his ears were overpinned, his head looked larger, and also his earlobes protruded unnaturally outward. He also had an asymmetric result. He underwent a revision otoplasty using skin grafts from the back of the left ear to be used behind the right ear and some in the front of the right ear where there was a non-healing ulcer. He also had a skin graft from the bottom of the right ear placed behind the top of his left ear. Also a significant amount of scar tissue was released. He now has a more symmetric result. He has what is known as “helical show” where you can see the helical rim from the frontal view. He can wear glasses now and he can also get a haircut without pulling his ear outward. His non-healing ulcer is now healed too. His earlobes, ears, and face are much more balanced as well.

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