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A neck lift is a term used by many individuals to describe a lower facelift or facelift, so at times these terms may be interchangeable, at least for the consumer. The main interest of most individuals seeking lower-face rejuvenation is to lift the sagging neck, especially for men who may dislike the term facelift and really think of the neck as the main area of interest. It is the area that tells the most aging in many individuals, especially if the face has been rejuvenated already through fillers, Botox, and laser treatments.

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift in the context that Dr. Lam uses really describes a direct incision into the neck to lift it without lifting the sides of the face. A facelift or mini facelift would involve additional incisions around the ears for the added lifting of the neck and also of the jowls and possibly midface areas. The neck lift incisions Dr. Lam uses to achieve improvements in the neck involve the standard submental horizontal incision just under the chin and a T-shaped extension running under the chin to accommodate extra skin that naturally will occur following the lifting of the muscles. This type of procedure is more formally known as a direct neck lift.

Dr. Lam’s direct neck lift is different from other surgeons’ ideas of a direct neck lift. He tries to hide his incisions only in the horizontal neck, i.e., under the chin but not running down the vertical neck. By doing so, he can limit the recovery and the risk of prolonged visibility of the incision in the anterior frontal neck seen when someone is looking directly at you. If the incisions are hidden under the chin then it will be much harder to see these incisions even during the healing phase.

I want to thank Dr. Lam for the neck/facial procedure he did one year ago. The results are stunning. He went beyond the procedure to ensure that my ears aligned appropriately, fit me into his schedule within my flight constraints and was, as always, a delight to work with. My neck and chin line are exactly what I hoped them to be. This is a random note of gratitude for Dr. Sam Lam and his expertise. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Who is a candidate for a direct neck lift? In general, Dr. Lam prefers to perform a facelift or mini facelift because his recovery times with these procedures can be very limited in nature. He reserves the direct neck lift for specific situations. If a person’s sagging is deemed not to be so significant as to run all the way down the neck, then Dr. Lam prefers this method so that he can keep his incisions well hidden under the chin. He also prefers this method in men who wear a beard so that the jowls are hidden and they do not want the beard to be moved or translocated backward. If the individual has had a facelift and has a small residual sag, this procedure can be an expedient method to correct minor issues with a limited recovery time. The direct neck lift can also work well for individuals who do not want any level of sedation since this procedure can be performed entirely awake with no sedation in a relatively short amount of time.

Dr. Lam also performs a procedure called a deep neck lift to sculpt areas that are excessive and that require improvement. This is a bigger procedure and almost the opposite of a direct neck lift in that it is done under deeper sedation and is more involved. It is typically part of a standard facelift with an extension underneath the platysma to remove bulky areas underneath the muscle that may prevent the neck from achieving the desired contour. These structures usually include the fat that resides inside the platysma muscle or that is deep into the muscle as well as part of the submandibular glands that are excessive laterally toward the ear. A deep neck lift may or may not be needed during a facelift and should not be confused with a direct neck lift. As you can see, the terminology is confusing, and Dr. Lam would be happy to clarify with you what would be ideal for your situation.

Not everyone is a candidate for a neck lift, and Dr. Lam must meet with you to discuss the pros and cons of this procedure versus other methods of lifting the neck and/or face. He believes that a tailored approach with ample education and time to discuss options is important for each prospective candidate for this procedure or a similar one.

I highly recommend Dr. Lam. He is a perfectionist and took the time to listen to my concerns and explain the procedure in detail. His staff has always been warm and welcoming from the day of my consultation, throughout the procedure and follow up appointments. I am very happy with the results of my procedure! Thank you Dr. Lam!

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How Much Does Deep Neck Lift Cost?

The cost of a Deep Neck Lift will depend on several factors. The price can be affected by body type, type of technique performed, surgical complications, and even allergies. Find out more by scheduling a consultation in Plano.

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