Carol, Office Manager

Carol, Office ManagerCarol, Office Manager (A.K.A., “Bluebell”)

A long-time commercial real estate investor, Carol is also the principal developer of the Willow Bend Wellness Center and its expansion. Carol is Dr. Lam’s mother if you couldn’t figure it out. She served as Dr. Lam’s office manager for many years until a few years ago and is now retired. She was happily married for 45 years until the untimely passing of her husband but is now married to an amazing man that Dr. Lam calls dad. She is a mother of two great children, and Dr. Lam is one of them. During her free time, Carol is an avid ballroom dancer and world traveler. In particular, she loves oranges, other fresh fruits, and all types of dogs. She is also a happy grandmother of four: Bailey, Bryn, Cooper, and Alessandra.

  • Watch: Carol’s video greeting.
  • View: Carol’s Baby Photo
  • Hobbies: Cooking, interior design, dancing, working on my new house
  • Pets: my adopted four-legged grandson, Dodger (who lives in New York)
  • Favorite Books: Suzanne Somers’ Ageless
  • Favorite Movies: An Affair to Remember
  • Favorite Music: Music from the 1960s, especially Johnny Mathis’ Misty
  • What It Means to Work at LFP: Seeing beautiful people and how happy they are makes me happy. I enjoy working with a team of loving and caring staff.

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