Madonna’s Cheek Implants

Madonna has had some amazing work done and also some very bad work done as well.  The one thing that gained my attention was her cheek augmentation she had a couple of years ago.

I believe she underwent cheek implants to make her look younger but the opposite effect occurred, she looked older and more unnatural.  As many of you know, I am not a fan of cheek implants.  I think their indication is very limited and almost non-existent for someone in their 30s in age or beyond.  The reason is that we all become older by losing mainly soft tissue (fat, muscle, and collagen), that exposes our cheekbones over time.  A cheek implant in most cases makes this even worse because the boniness of the cheek area then becomes even more exaggerated and the areas surrounding the cheeks look hollower.  Even though I am a big proponent of volumization for the face, I think cheek implants ultimately fail when working on the face.  The goal for the aging face is not simply volume (which a cheek implant should seemingly address) but instead to cover bone and to soften facial transitions, two things that a cheek implant worsens.

The other element to discuss when it concerns Madonna’s cheeks is balance.  When the face is only augmented in one area like the cheek area, it simply does not look good.  I had a woman in her 40s recently who had her cheeks augmented with fat grafting and then with fillers and then more fillers.  She told me she went to a reputable plastic surgeon in Dallas to do her work.  What I saw were cheeks that did not match her face.  What I did instead to fix her face was to augment everything around her cheeks, i.e., her eyelids and brow, her buccal area, and her chin.  She not only looked much more attractive and youthful, but she looked more natural and balanced.  When looking at the face for improvement, you must find an artistic physician who exercises good taste, discretion, and judgment.

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