Wayne Newton’s Browlift

Wayne Newton has obviously had quite a bit of face work that has left him looking plastic, which is not the intended outcome of plastic surgery.   Most of you know that the plastic in plastic surgery comes from the Greek word, plastikos, meaning to change the shape.  In this case, the shape has been radically changed.  Looking at photographs in his youth until now, the thing that strikes me as the most obvious difference is the very high position of his brows.  Yes, his facelift looks over pulled, his hairline is not entirely natural, and there is some distortion around his eyes.  However, one of the most striking problems is the high position of his brows.

I no longer perform browlifts for the simple reason that they almost never look good.  I like the observation from one of my colleagues that “Brows do not fall as much as we lift them.”  A very good observation indeed.  Although one could argue that Wayne’s face is quite a bit feminized, I would say that the opposite effect occurs in women:  they look more masculine after a browlift.  High arched brows in men look feminine and therefore alien in appearance.  However, in women, who already have a somewhat higher brow position than men, when lifted, they look very mean looking and less feminine in nature.  One of the things that I strive to accomplish in men is to make them look more masculine after a procedure and for women to look more feminine, unless of course we are talking about transgendered individuals but that is not obviously not the case in this example, I hope.

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