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Constanze, Patient-Care Coordinator

Constanze, Patient-Care CoordinatorConstanze, Patient-Care Coordinator (a.k.a., “Coko”)

Born in beautiful Ludwigsburg, Germany and raised in the Rheinland Pfalz region and Stuttgart, Constanze was torn between archeology and fashion design. Ultimately, the practical and creative side won, and she served a tailor’s apprenticeship with the prestigious Fashion House of Bleyle in Stuttgart. Constanze took a short detour in data processing before marrying and becoming a full-time mother of four lovely children. Subsequently, she returned to tailoring for JC Penny, became a makeup artist for Calvin Klein, and a Flight Attendant for United Airlines. She is still enthusiastic about children, archeology, travel and meeting people of all nations. In her spare time, she collects native musical instruments from the four corners of the world as well as stamps and postcards.

  • Watch: Constanze’s video greeting.
  • View: Constanze’s Baby Photo.
  • Hobbies: “yardening” (growing all kinds of plants), hiking, anything to do with archeology, traveling and meeting people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Pets: Since I’m busy and on the go all the time, only one adopted “grand-daughter”, an Austrailian Cattle dog mix named Babette, living in the country, guarding a farmhouse.
  • Favorite Books: “The Book” (The Bible), “Andschana” by K.v. der-Gnudeberg, “Hamid und Kinza” by P.M.St.John, “Die Feuerzangen Bowle” by Heinrich Spörl, “Wolfsblut” (I think it is Whitefang in English), “The Egg & I” by Betty McDonald, as well as cookbooks.
  • Favorite Movies: It’s a Wonderful Life, Die Nibelungen (1965 Version), Sissi-Empress of Austria with Romy Schneider, Stargate (the movie not the series), Dances with Wolves, Switch, The Emerald Forest, Erin Brockovich, Fifth Element; so basically science fiction, inspirational & enacted historical.
  • Favorite Music: All kinds of international and ethnic music, Rich Mullins, Sean McDonald, Chrystal Lewis, Kathy Triccoli, Peruvian Flutes, Moby, Ottmar Liebert, Sade, Jean Michel Jarre, Supertramp, Deep Forest, Robert Miles, Candice Dulfer
  • What It Means to Work at LFP: The World!!! I’m so excited to be a vital part of this innovative, groundbreaking, history-making surgical, art, and wellness concept! Never in my life did I imagine to be part of this kind of forefront! The Lord’s Mighty Hand must be in it!!! Thank you Dr. Lam and Ms. Carol for being an instrument of God and receiving me into this Wonderland of your growing practice and giving me the opportunity to grow with you! In Christ, Coco

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