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Patient Forms

Initial Patient Encounter Forms

Prior to your first visit with Dr. Lam and his staff, please download, print, and fill out the initial patient encounter form:

Also, prior to your first visit, please download the HIPAA privacy form, read it over, and sign at the bottom of the form.
HIPAA Privacy Form

Please bring in both forms with you to your first visit with Dr. Lam. If you do not have time to download the forms and fill them out, you will be able to do so in the office prior to the start of your visit.

General Patient Instructions

Pre-Treatment Forms:

Post-Treatment Forms

N.B.: Please note that the “Medications to Avoid Sheet” is an abbreviated version of the General Preoperative Instruction Sheet so you do not need to download both. The “Medications to Avoid Sheet” is really intended for patients who are desirous of BOTOX ® or other simple fillers. Similarly, the “Minor Procedure Instruction Sheet” is an abbreviated version of the General Postoperative Instruction Sheet for patients who undergo a small procedure like mole removal so you do not need to download both.

Disclaimer: These instruction sheets are only intended for Dr. Lam’s patients who have undergone the specific indicated procedures with him. You should not follow these instructions if you are a patient of another physician’s. Your physician will be responsible to supply you with what he or she believes is important for your care. Dr. Lam also recommends that if you are his patient that you always contact him or his staff personally should you have any questions about your care.

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