The Happiness Hypothesis and Plastic Surgery

A great book that I read last year was Jonathan Haidt’s The Happiness Hypothesis in which the author outlines many parameters for happiness.  One of his points in the book is that great happiness that can last for years following cosmetic surgery.  Unlike many books on happiness and peace that decry cosmetic surgery as vain and pointless, this book argues that in fact it is something that can fundamentally shift one’s self perception and through that transform one’s life in profoundly favorable ways.

An example is a lady that I worked on who at the age of 73 had recently lost her husband.  She underwent a surgical facelift and facial fat transfer.  According to her daughter in whom I also had done a fat transfer, her mother became an entirely different person.  She went from a reclusive, disheartened individual that never left the house to a gregarious and happy individual.  She bought a whole new wardrobe and started to see herself in an entirely different light.  It is sometimes amazing to me what emotional transformations can occur with beautiful cosmetic enhancement.  That is what makes my job so wonderful every day.

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