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iPhone and iPad App for Lam Facial Plastics

The new iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad compatible plastic surgery App allows you to review Dr. Lam’s before-and-after facial plastic surgery photos (with commentary on the photos) and view his extensive catalog of videos more easily on your mobile device than ever before.  As a workaround solution to Flash video compatibility on Apple IOS devices, the App allows you to watch streamed videos instantly and effortlessly.  When viewing the App on an iPad, you will also be able to read Dr. Lam’s FAQs (frequently asked questions) and view his learning modules on Asian Face, Botox, Facial Rejuvenation, Otoplasty, Rhinoplasty, and Skin Rejuvenation.*

How to Get the Plastic Surgery App

If you have iTunes installed, you can click here to get the free App directly.

Or if you do not have an iTunes account, then in the App Store search for “Lam Dallas, “Dallas Rhinoplasty” or “Dallas Facelift” and the App with Dr. Lam’s logo should appear.

Plastic Surgery App for iPhone, iTouch and iPad

Screenshots Below:

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