Mastery Is An Asymptote:  My Plastic Surgery Journey

I am constantly refining my work so that you have a better and better result every time you see me. An example is I started to use microcannulas for facial fillers in November 2010. Since that time I have advanced in my skills with my cannulas to do more and more creative facial injections to simulate a fat transfer. I can now even do lip injections without blocks and without needles with no pain, bruising, and swelling. It is truly a miracle. I have many patients whom I have not seen in a year and who return to me surprised at how many new advances that I have personally developed.

I believe that true mastery is never attainable. You always strive to be better next year than the year before. Think of the technological breakthroughs with the iPhone. Each model is a major or minor step forward from the last one. I now have ways to do facelifts without incisions that are a far cry from the threadlifts of a bygone era. I am always seeking new and better ways to enhance a face. When you never accept what you have is good enough, you will get better toward an elusive asymptote. It all starts with a passionate drive to become better tomorrow than you were yesterday.

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Mastery is an Asymptote in Plastic Surgery

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