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Asian Jaw Reduction

jaw reductionAsian Jaw Reduction as seen many invasive techniques that have arisen throughout Asia to reduce the size of a prominent jawline. However, Dr. Lam advocates a simple solution to reduce the size and flare of one’s jawline. A wide jawline can make the Asian face look flatter in appearance and is a trait more common in particular in the Korean ethnicity. However, Dr. Lam has applied his technique in many Asian ethnicities, including Chinese and Vietnamese patients, as well as in Caucasian individuals. In particular, a female with a broader jawline may have an unflattering, masculine appearing face. Within minutes, Dr. Lam can transform the lower face without the use of any incisions using BOTOX.

All Asian Jaw Reduction surgeries are performed by Dr Lam himself, at his Cosmetic Surgery center in Dallas, Texas.

To schedule a Asian jaw reduction consultation call 1-888-866-3388 or email us . The details of your Asian jaw reduction (both the limitations and the benefits in your particular situation) will be explained to you during your Asian jaw reduction consultation with Dr. Lam and his team.


Asian Jaw Reduction Photos
Asian Jaw Reduction Photos
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Your Jaw Reduction will be performed by Dr. Lam's surgery center located in Plano, TX.

Exceptionally courteous and professional staff and amazing, immediate results! I have trust Dr. Lam and his office for 10 years. I look 15 years younger.


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