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Marcy, Patient Care Liason


Marcy, Patient Care Liason (A.K.A., “Mack Daddy”, “Flipper”)
Marcy is a native Texas who has a multi-faceted career parth. From Real Estate to Telecom to the Medical field, her diverse and extensive background lends support to Lam Facial Plastics in all aspects. Working in the medical industry for the past 10 years has honed her skills in assisting patients and demonstrating friendliness, courtesy and discretion regarding the unique needs of each patient.In her spare time, she volunteers her time to help animals. She enjoys pet-sitting part-time and loves all animals. She enjoys reading self-help books and true crime novels. Also a self-taught “computer geek”, she enjoys learning IT related items and can fix just about computer issue. She is very close to her family, and just recently became and Aunt again for the 5th time! She feels very blessed to be a part of the excellent team that is Lam Facial Plastics!


  • Watch: Marcy’s video greeting
  • Hobbies: Reading, animals, playing board games
  • Favorite Books: Horror novels, true crime novels
  • Favorite Movies: Shawshank Redemption, horror flicks
  • Favorite Music: Classic rock, 1940s music, 80s music
  • What It Means to Work at LFP: The world! My life has changed tremendously due to the staff here, and this warmth is projected to our patients. Lots of love and care demonstrated! I want to be here until I’m 85! Love my job & co-workers!