Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sam Lam talks about the social media meme #NoMakeUp and what his thoughts are on it.

Full Audio Transcript:

I saw this article on the hashtag no filter, hashtag no makeup thing that’s going around the Internet today talking about women who are brave enough to not wear makeup or anything to show their natural beauty. And it was interesting. There was a Wall Street Journal article with Michelle Pfeiffer and it just basically said it’s amazing how women don’t do fillers, facelifts or Botox and look so amazing without any makeup. I hate to say this being a professional here, looking at Michelle Pfeiffer, she’s had probably all of the above, at least definitely Botox.

I would be very surprised if she hasn’t had this because she’s absolutely perfectly smooth in her forehead and around the eyes. And for someone in her age bracket, I think she’s probably in her 60s, although I’m not too certain exactly what age. I haven’t Googled that she should have some level of wrinkle going on there.

It looks like she’s probably had a blepharoplasty in the sense that the amount of sag` is quite minimal. She’s probably had a facelift among other things. Now, given that she still looks amazingly natural and perfect, and I think the deception here for the public is that somehow these women in their 60s with no makeup and no filter look perfect because they just have genetic blessing.

And to expose that, I really would doubt that they have that, but at the same time they could but I think it is interesting as I think women, where the difference is that women look better with a little bit of eye makeup, just a little bit of eyeshadow or something around their eyes.

And so, what you’re seeing with these women with perfect Botox, fillers, facelifts and everything that look really good is the only thing they probably really need is a little bit eye makeup and that would make them look very feminine and better, but everything else looks really good because I think they’ve had great work done and I always say this is my classic line, I say I am your makeup artist.

Essentially what that means is makeup is meant to cover flaws and so if you are a younger lady that has very few skin flaws, very few wrinkles or other sagging things, you don’t need a lot of makeup to cover anything. But the older you get, the more flaws show up and then makeup becomes more and more makeup becomes heavier and heavier and more necessary and then you see some women that really have a lot of aging and they put on so much makeup because they’re trying to cover it, it just looks really bad because it looks almost like they should be on the stage because it’s just too much makeup on their face.

What I always like to say is, even though I may not cover every flaw, may not make you flawless, if I do the right fillers, fat transfer, facelift, Botox, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, whatever all that combination is that you just need less makeup, and so you look more natural because you don’t need as much.

Or if on a day that you don’t want to wear makeup, you still look great because you’ve got most of your face addressed already through what I’ve done. And then you can go time without makeup or very little makeup, and you can save that time. And that cost and that energy to do makeup. And you look better because people with less makeup look better.