10,000 Hour Rule for Hair Transplant Surgery

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I run a hair course that literally is a weekend on a Friday and Saturday. And a big question is, can you teach someone how to do hair in two days? And the short answer is no. No way in heck. What I try to do during that time is the following things one is passion. Passion to be more creative and thoughtful in the hair process. A lot of people go into hair to make more money. They do it just as a sideline. They don’t really put much thought and effort into it. And after a weekend you realized not only what you think, you know, but you realize what you need to know. And that, to me, is very, very important. And the other thing that teaching a weekend course is all about trying to get people to have a lifelong education, even for myself having done here. Now for 20 years, I’m still learning, I’m still thinking, I’m still trying to develop my ideas. And so that’s the concept of this 10000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell talks about in the outliers. He says it takes a long time for you to achieve mastery. And mastery doesn’t mean you’re done learning. It’s an asymptote. In other words, you constantly try to achieve improvements, and you’re getting better and better results. But you’re never there. It’s constantly receiving. You’re always looking at even getting better and technology changes and shifts, and you constantly must adapt to that. And I tell a lot of my newer surgeons that are starting in the field that I teach not to give up, but also not to be arrogant, where they think they know something. And it literally took me, I believe I’ve said in a different podcast, five years to tell that something was fake. And I don’t mean the obvious plugs or the obvious hairpiece. I’m talking about things that just simply or slightly wrong, and it takes that long to begin to appreciate when something is not quite right. And so, I always tell my patients that my standard of natural is actually higher than yours, and that 10000-hour rule is absolutely true. It takes years, maybe five, ten, fifteen years to really achieve a deep understanding where you can see things that don’t look quite right. That even to the naked eye to someone else’s. Hey, you know what? One thing I just don’t want is a fake result. And the people don’t understand is that they already either have a fake result, or the fact that they can’t even tell when a result is fake, because their brain is not educated enough to tell. They can only tell the most obvious things. So, if you’re in a cocktail party and you see that there are five people with fake faces or fake hairs or fake anything. I can probably tell you, you missed about two-thirds of the results out there that look fake. So, the 10,000-hour rule is what I’m talking about. I’ve been doing this for 20 years. I’ve developed a really keen eye and I that took years to hone, not just hands, but eye.

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