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A question I’ve gotten off and is Angelina Jolie’s lips natural and the answer is yes, and no so what I mean by that. So, they were natural when she was younger but as she got older they’re not natural. I was looking her, and I was at dinner in Los Angeles probably about eight years ago or so and I was talking to my colleague and I said, you know, I could tell Angelina Jolie’s lips are natural. When she opens her mouth, I can see the scalping appearance. I did a podcast by Donatella Versace’s lips. And I said I can tell a mile away when there is silicone and lips because I correct surgical silicone. I surgically correct silicone lips every single week. They’re terrible and he said yep. I know the guy in San Francisco who did her lips with silicone and I said I can tell I can tell the silicone Most likely what happened was she was born with full lips. She loved the full lips as she started getting older her lip started to become a little bit thinner and she wanted a permanent correction and she had silicone which is I loved using silicone for acne scars down in a very small aliquots small amount than superficially slowly over time is very safe, but in large quantities placed into the face or into the cheeks or into the lips is not safe. It does not age well looks bad. I correct it all the time. So, you know, I have a very good eye when I saw this I could tell she had silicone injected and lips and this has reportedly confirmed of course not a hundred percent. It’s a bit hearsay.

But if you’re wondering if they are natural, I believe they were natural when she was younger, and I do not believe they are natural now.

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