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One of the big supplements out there that has gotten a lot of press has Biotin.
People just Google biotin they think that taking biotin is equal to finesteride, minoxidil or it’s a good supplement that would help with hair growth. Actually studies have not born this out. Standalone biotin is not very effective as a therapy for hair loss.

They’ve actually found some other interesting things which is large doses of biotin can cause an adverse ability to read laboratory values.

So, Biotin as a treatment for hair loss, especially as a standalone treatment is very ineffective in my opinion and if taken at high doses can have other adverse effects, so Biotin and small quantities when placed into a larger supplement used for hair loss such as Nutrafol or other therapies to me is fine. But when you just try to take high units of Biotin for hair loss, I do not think you’re helping your hair and I think there can be some risk to it.

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