Compounded Interest with Botox

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I heard this saying this last week, and I thought it was pretty good, which was Einstein said that compounded interest is the eighth wonder of the world. And as everyone knows, if you do some savings when you’re younger and you allow that money to grow, it can actually grow exponentially for you. So, lesson I’m learning a little late in life at 50 some years of age, but I’m trying to do that and really try to get a lot of savings in to let that interest compound Well, what am I talking about financial rewards? I’m talking about physical rewards, which is facial rewards. Specifically, what I find is that Botox is an incredible analogy to compounded interest. A lot of people do Botox. They think I’m not going to do it. I don’t really care that much. I could save money on only last three months, and it goes away. And honestly, it’s not the case. Botox done well is like compounded interest. The more you do, the younger you start just like compounded interest, the better it looks, and the less you need, and long it will last. We’ve had some patients were even if they don’t come in four months of years, I just saw some patients have income in before Covid, and they still look great. They have barely any wrinkles. It’s incredible. My wife had wrinkles in her 20s when she was running outdoors from the sun exposure. She got pregnant didn’t even have barely too many wrinkles come back, even after breastfeeding years out. This is the power of Botox. It creates incredible, long-term compounded interest.

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