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This podcast is in response to a request that someone asked me to do a podcast on Demi Moore’s face and the photos that I see online obviously is that she’s had way too much placed into the anterior cheek. What’s interesting is the photo that’s been circulating around online is of her not smiling and you can only imagine how much worse that photograph looks or how much worse she looks in person when she does smile. This is the reason why when I put fillers in the cheeks I don’t put it in the central anterior cheek, which is what every other person does. It just makes the front look too heavy and full and it looks weird. In addition, when they smile, it looks even 10x worse. So, what’s also interesting is a lot of women want this sculpted look where they’re wanting the outer face to have this very high cheekbone or cheek area and that’s what the other part of the filler has, they have done as well. And what’s very interesting is that step off is that as even more dramatic to the area and the buckles on. That’s the area below the cheek and the area below the arch of the bone on the outer face is what I feel all the time, I called the sub zygomatic zone, it’s underneath the arch of the bone. So, I fill that because when that’s when that area below the zygomatic arch becomes depressed if you augment too much on the actual cheek mound on the outside portion, it causes too much of a drop off point and that’s what you are seeing here an excessive drop-off point all the way across from the front to the sides. And so, women always see say look I want to sculpted look, I want it to be narrowed in but that skeletonize outer face is really what makes someone look older. So, I don’t make people fat or round, but I do soften that transition zone. And so, what I always say is that the way that the filler, that what I do, instead of just adding volume, I look at bony transition points, so when that bone drops off if you can just fill a little bit at the edge of where that bone drops off. You don’t see the transition of the bone as much your brain erases the bone. And so that’s really the trick with this. So, I don’t even think her outer face is overfilled. Her central face is overfilled. What I would do is just soften the transition zone from the side and I would dissolve the front cheek. So that’s probably what’s happening with Demi Moore right now, and it may be fat grafting by the way. Who knows? It could be filler, fat at this.

It’s unclear what kind of product she has in her face.

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