Dissolving Bad Fillers Now. Don’t Wait.

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This is a podcast about dissolving bad fillers. It brought to mind today because I was doing a live Facebook video. And I was just talking about the importance of getting rid of things that don’t look right and not waiting for them to dissolve because I’ve heard a lot of patients tell me, Oh, it’s going to go away eventually. And I have a couple of maxims. One is every day that you look fake is a wasted day. And the second thing is, you know, these things can take years to go away of ever. Sometimes they’re there permanently so well, I just had Restylane and Juvederm. There’s no way it’s going to last forever. And the answer is well, that’s false. I’ve had it last many, many years. I had a gentleman that I actually had to dissolve fillers that he had one syringe of Juvederm under his eyes five years prior, done in Chicago and no doctor believed it was still there.

I dissolved it, he came in in tears the next day because it was gone. I had a lady just now a few minutes ago that said she was two years out from the some fillers and not done by me. And didn’t like it under the eyes she thought one day will go away. But two years later she realized it probably wouldn’t go away. And she’s right. Is probably going to be there many years. So the biggest thing is if you have something that looks fake and natural, don’t wait till it goes away. Just get rid of it and treat it now. There’s one exception is if this is just like a few days out a week out, well that could just be swelling. So if it’s swelling, that’s another story. But if it’s a few months out and you’re wondering, should I just wait until I have it dissolved? I would say get rid of it. Get rid of the fillers. Don’t wait for it.

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