Don’t Tell Your Husband…Shhhh

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I hope this provocative title caught your attention. Well, the reason I say don’t tell your husband is I just want you to understand how men view cosmetic surgery or cosmetic fillers or things like that for women. I listened to this audio book about how men and women think differently. And what I heard in this audio book is, and I’m a heterosexual male. So I can tell you, this is true. Men want women to look incredibly attractive, but they don’t want to hear about how they got there. They don’t want to hear about leg waxing. They don’t want to hear about Botox. They don’t want to hear about hair curling and things like that. They just assume that their wife will look amazingly attractive with no effort. And that’s how they conceptualize their wife to be sort of like Venus coming from the ocean.

One of the funniest stories is a woman from Houston. She never told her husband anything and she was getting treatments. And over the years, her husband just looked at her one day and just said, honey, it’s so weird. You have the weirdest genes because you progressively look younger. And I just thought, well, look worse and worse. Of course, I don’t want you not tell your husband and get in trouble or ruin a marriage or anything. I’m happily married and of course I would love for my wife not tell me something clearly, but what I’ve heard is oftentimes as you and the wife asks husband, could I get some fillers? Oh, don’t do it. The usual reasons is it’s a waste of money. We don’t want to spend that money.

Or second, as you know, you’re going to look totally crazy. Like your friend and I don’t do crazy work. You’re not going to look crazy. In fact, I just finished this lady a few minutes ago, and there’s a reason I thought of this. This podcast is that she was just like, you know, so worried to do this. Cause her husband would freak out and say, you know, don’t make don’t, don’t look fake. Don’t do lips. Cause you’re gonna look fake. And I don’t do fake lips. And I showed her some before and afters on my lips. She goes, Oh my God, but she didn’t need the lips done. So, the way to guide this and he said, look, I want it. I have to tell my husband, he’s going to pay for it or whatever it may be. If you’re going to tell him a few things that I did pre COVID is actually had a gentleman, as I told this woman, I said, bring your husband and have him come in here, watch me do the filler.

I’ll show you what every penny you spent and I’ll show you how I designed it. And you can see one side versus the other. And it was funny that right after I did hers, he said, I want mine. So he sat down in the chair and did his, but it’s a way for someone to understand that I’m not going to do crazy work. So either at this time, during the covert time, I can’t have your husband come in here. But, you know, any other time after this is over, if you hear this podcast in 2022, hopefully you’ll remember that, Hey, hopefully covert is over by the end and that, you know, I can have a spouse come in here and look at it. The other thing is just to say, honey, look, this doctor has treated a lot of my friends. He’s not going to make me look crazy.

Let’s look at some before and afters. And show you that they don’t look weird. It’s not like the street. And the other thing is important is to say, if you want to tell your husband, look, this means a lot to me, you know? And this one was saying that her husband just got a pilot’s license. And you know, for her, she doesn’t care about being a pilot’s license who cares about flying. But for him it meant a lot. Well, I said, look, you can say, honey, this means a lot to me. Not, Hey, you know, he’s going to put a filler here and there and it’s okay.

Incredibly hard to articulate for a male to understand this. So this is the thing. And then also the concern is, well, my husband noticed men don’t even notice if you change your hair to blonde, you know, men, heterosexual, male, male males, or men don’t oftentimes notice some radical changes because my work is so settled. You know, it’s that I usually say, come up with a white lie, like, you know, Hey, I had some swelling from some allergies or beating some shellfish or whatever it may be. And a lot of men don’t even notice this. And again, I don’t want to ruin a relationship or a marriage, but there are tactical ways to tell your spouse about fillers, other things, lifts, procedures, whatever it may be that he in particular would be concerned that you’re going to look fake. So for this podcast, we’ll give you some insight of how to address this with your spouse.

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