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This podcast is talking about why I do extended anatomic chin implant. So, what an extended anatomic chin implant is an implant that extends across the jaw line, across the jowl area, all the way up to the sort of middle part of the jawbone. The reason I do this is several folds. First, in the old days the old style of implant was called a button implant and the button implant was very small implant that just was over the center part of the chin. The real problem with these implants that they were unstable that they actually over time could rotate, shift, and migrate. And that’s the biggest issue with it. Besides the fact that they’re an aesthetically pleasing because they’re too short and small. With the extended anatomic implant, I’m placing them into a triplanar pocket, which means on the sides, I’m placing them into below the lining of the periosteum on the sides. So even if I don’t use anchoring sutures, which I do to the periosteum in the midline that implant should not migrate in overtime because it’s silicone. There’s a fixation to the implant, which prevents it from being rotated. So, the great thing over time is that implant does not require any fixation sutures, does not require any permanent screws or anything. And that implants, not going to move, migrate, shift by using the extended anatomic it’s far more stable so that this implant should not ever migrate reship. That’s one of the big reasons why I use an extended anatomic. The other reason I use it is that when you’re placing across the entire jawline, it augments the entire jawline. And it looks much more attractive because a lot of people that have a weak chin don’t just have the weak central chin, but their entire jaw bone is weak. So, by enhancing that central zone, it really can help provide a smooth and more attractive augmentation to that entire jawline. And that brings me to that next point, which is the tapering. So, there is no abrupt change. So, in the old days, with a button implants the small large central implant would have no transition zone over to the outer mandible or outer jawline and so that it would just fall off. And you could sometimes see the abrupt transition with its smooth, tapering of these implants that go almost a flat profile laterally or farther out to the sides then you don’t see a transition. You may feel the edge of the implant if you go and put your finger very deep and rub it. That’s, you would have to really try to find it and feel that edge, but the goal of the implant is that it slides all the way across and provides a smoothly tapered appearance. It looks very, very attractive and you don’t see the any abrupt changes. The other benefit is often when we get older that prejowl, which is the area, just anterior or medial to the jowl itself. The jowl is a thing that hangs down. Now is oftentimes, empty appearance and that’s sometimes where I put fat grafting. Well with the implant you actually provide a very strong prejowl implantation or augmentation that area which looks really good in both youth as well as aging. So, it almost helps counterbalance a little bit of aging over time and they oftentimes do it with it with a facelift or neck lift provide better counter pull. If you think about a jawbone that’s much stronger. If you pull that facelift around a stronger Focus, you get a much better lift, and those that have a weak chin. So, I really prefer the extended anatomic implant and my preferred type of implants called Conform. The reason I like Conform is very soft. It blends into the zone that is the chin itself. So, it molds to the chin and it causes I believe less bone resorption issues or other problems because it’s not a hard implant that’s being pressed against the chin bone, but it conforms to the shape. And it’s a much gentler appearance to the to the implant itself so, or to the chin itself. And that’s why I prefer to do an extended anatomic chin implant.

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