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This podcast is entitled, I am your makeup artist because for me what I do is cover flaws. And a lot of women, they, if they think back when they started putting makeup on, they didn’t have to work very hard in their twenties, maybe not even the thirties, but as they progressive, they got older, there were more wrinkles to cover, there are more, areas around, hollowness or eye bags or other things to cover. So what I’m trying to do is cover those areas and so your makeup time should be cut down quite a bit. So a lot of people, you know, forget the fact that Hey, you know what, being able to apply makeup very quickly is very powerful. And also sometimes I’ve seen patients that they don’t even have makeup on and they still look amazing because I worked on cleaning up the quality of skin through Botox, through, either lasers or appeals or other types of interventions.

The bright now product I use, some fillers, maybe a face lift and at the more flaws that I can erase off your face, the less work you have to do to make it look better. And that is really nice. I think it always looks better to when someone doesn’t wear a lot of makeup cause you can tell when someone has a lot of makeup and that makeup sitting on older skin looks caked on, it doesn’t look even. And so those concepts of how you also present shadows and light and with makeup, my goal is to present those shadows in light through the creative use of fillers, fat grafting, et cetera to reshape it. And in my podcast, I talked about micro fillers, I really addressed some of those issues which were to address the small shadow points that in just a blend and balance those areas where bone is exposed. So the short podcasts in which I talk about, one of the big benefits of doing these small procedures or even large procedures is it really cuts down your need to do makeup, the amount of makeup, how makeup looks on you and the time it takes for you to put makeup on. And so something that a lot of people don’t even consider, but to me, it’s a powerful component and it also makes us make up look nice when you apply it.

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